Fairlawn Controls is an independent consultancy service established in 1995 to offer advice on building services control systems.


Alan has been involved with controls systems since 1990.


His experience within the air conditioning market goes back to 1972 when he joined Ellis Mechanical Services. Since that time he has been involved with the design and installation of all forms of heating and air conditioning systems, varying from office blocks, computer suites, clean rooms, gas storage and defence establishments.


In 1990 he was appointed as the controls manager at Matthew Hall, a leading design and construction company involved in all aspects of mechanical services within the commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning market.  His role at Matthew Hall was to oversee all of the company’s involvement in controls installation and to co-ordinate the commissioning of both the controls and the associated mechanical services.  In 1995 he established Fairlawn Controls to bridge the technology gap between the occupier and the controls installer.


Fairlawn Controls have provided technical advice to Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, MH Associates, Maurice Baglley and Partners, Waterman Gore, CEC, The Chapman Bathurst Partnership, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport.  They have worked with AMEC. Crown House and NG Bailey on design and build projects.


They have also been employed to act as independent commissioning auditors for mechanical baggage handling system constructed at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.


Alan also has wide experience in commissioning management and HVAC design for commisonability of all aspects of Building Services.  He lead the Building services team at the Heathrow T5 project and successfully managed the commissioning of all services at a specialist production factory.  Both projects had exacting standards and had services value in excess of £80M.